Crowdfunding, what is it?

Discover projects on Swiss Funding and participate by supporting them financially. As a reward for your commitment you will receive rewards, which will make you better know the people behind the project. This can take the form of invitations, products or events to live. And if the project does not succeed, your money is refunded.

You want to finance a project, expand your community or offer your product in advance? Start a crowdfunding campaign! We help you optimize your project for crowdfunding and put it online quickly. And we give you advice on how to reach your funding goal.


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How does it work?

SwissFunding uses the crowdfunding method for real estate investment. It's all about bringing investors together to collect funds in a single, visible project.

Traditionally, banks finance 40% of the program, 40% come from sales on plan (premarket) and the remaining 20% corresponds to the equity provided by property developers. Money injected by private investors will inflate equity. Submitted projects obtain a bank loan, at pre-market levels >60% and are carried out by property developers and general contractors.

If the project does not reach 100% of the funding threshold, the funds will not be paid. If the minimum goal is reached, the fundraising is validated and you become an investor.

At the end of the project, you receive your capital back plus 6% to 12% depending on the project, over a period of 9 to 30 months and no fees or management fees are taken to investors.

Hurry up and become one of the main players for real estate projects in your area and throughout Switzerland.