About us

You have a genius idea, but you do not have the financial means to make it happen?
You want to launch people into a successful startup, or help an artist become famous?
You’ve knocked on the right door! At SwissFunding you can make your dreams come true!
Develop a futuristic app, publish books, create your own food-truck, record an album, open a beach bar in Honolulu or even become president of the United States!!! The sky is the limit!
Barack Obama himself financed his campaign for the race to the White House with 750 million thanks to crowdfunding.
With SwissFunding your dreams will come true. You only need:

Step 1

Start your project

Step 2

Put together your team

Step 3

Spread awareness on social media

Step 4

Make room for success

Millions of people have achieved their dream thanks to crowdfunding. And you? What are you waiting for?

Our crowdfunding platform allows you to present your project online to a wider audience and fund it with the support of many contributors. At the same time, it helps you discover other projects and bring original ideas to life.

The SwissFunding team is young and dynamic. We aim to help all those wish to make their lifetime dreams come true and can not afford it, but who are also dedicated to their cause and thirsty for success.

With SwissFunding are limited by the kind of projects we support, so we currently are the only crowdfunding platform in Switzerland that offers financing for real estate.

We know how crowdfunding works and how to explain it to you. Thanks to a quality customer base, your projects will be become a reality on swissfunding.ch!

You can trust us!

Start your project

You want to finance a project, offer a product on presale or develop your community? Start your crowdfunding campaign! We will help you optimise your project and launch your online campaign swiftly. If you want advice on how to reach your fundraising goal quickly, we offer free consultation before launching your project. Reach us at info@swissfunding.ch

Create a project
Make your project happen

On SwissFunding you will find all kinds of projects and you will also be able to back them financially. As a reward for your commitment, you will be compensated by getting direct access to the people behind those projects. You will products, visibility (thanks to ads, banners, etc.) of your company and invitations to certain launch events. It goes without saying, but if the project is not successful, your money is returned to you in full.

Discover current projects

Benefits of being part of the SwissFunding community


SwissFunding boasts Swiss quality in finance, service, professionalism and professionalism! This is the best platform to expand your network and get our community to back your cause. Do not forget there is strength in numbers. Subscribers to our newsletter get regular exposure to the most exciting projects. Get them to become your fans and you will have the exposure you deserve


Our main priority is to offer Swiss quality service from beginning to end. Our consulting service is naturally free, which is not the case for other sites. With SwissFunding you get added value at no extra cost

You can trust us

We collect no money before the end of the campaign, which is certainly reassuring to your investors. If the project becomes a reality, you will receive your funds within 7 days so you can kick off your new project


Launch your campaign on SwissFunding in several languages (FR/DE/IT/EN), and appeal to an international audience for a greater chance to achieve your financial goal

No limit

We are the only crowdfunding platform in Switzerland catering to real estate. As a result of this, SwissFunding offers a wide range of investors with solid purchasing power

Real estate

Do not be afraid to get into real estate with SwissFunding. As a property developer, this will allow you to raise 20% of the funds you need for a future housing project

As for investors, you can get an extraordinary return (between 6 and 12% per year) and a RoI in 12 to 36 months. And you? What are you waiting for to make your money grow?